Shock Wave Therapy

Fast and Permanent Pain Reduction
  • A unique and non-invasive solution for musculoskeletal pain
  • Only three to four treatments required weekly
  • A therapy session lasts about 10 minutes
Domain of application
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical recovery
  • Sports medicine
Therapeutical Indications
  • Muscle Knots (Trigger Points)
  • Chronic encephalopathy
Mechanism of action

The shock wave is an acoustic wave, which transports high intensity energy to the painful points and to the musculoskeletal tissues that have subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions. This energy causes a series of regenerative and repair processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues.

Improved metabolism and microcirculation

SWT technology accelerates the removal of nociceptive metabolites, increases oxygenation, and supplies the affected tissue with an energy source. These effects lead to the removal of histamine, lactic acid and other irritants.

Limphatic Therapy

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a clinically proven therapeutic method that offers immediate and visible results.

The BTL Lymphastim device is based on the principle of pneumatic pressure therapy. Thus, a series of special sleeves with multiple superimposed chambers are used which offers a delicate massage that stimulates the natural circulation of the lymph through the body.

Therapeutic indications


  • Chronic edema
  • Post-surgical obstruction of lymphatic vessels
  • Venous insufficiency and ischemic disease

Care and Beauty

  • Varicose veins
  • Heavy foot syndrome
Different fields of application
  • Physical recovery and sports medicine
  • Lymphology and rheumatology offices
  • Relaxation and beauty centers

"Super Inductive System" Therapy

Ultimate generation technology

This technology is based on the high intensity of the electromagnetic field, which has positive effects on human tissue. These therapeutic effects include pain reduction, fracture healing, myiorelaxation, myostimulation and joint mobilization.

  • Since SIS targets neuromuscular tissue, it can be used to treat chronic and acute painful conditions of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.
  • Due to specific settings, the interaction between the electromagnetic field and the muscle tissue causes a desired muscle contraction. Thus, by the repeated muscular contractions of the muscles that surround the joint, it is possible to obtain the release of its blockage.
  • Due to the effects of increasing local blood flow and tissue metabolism, SIS is indicated in the process of fracture healing from the early stages.
  • If it is desired to increase the tone of the weak muscles, SIS determines a series of muscular contractions by triggering the action potential in the neuromuscular tissue.
  • Due to its high frequency stimulation characteristics, SIS effectively eliminates muscle tension and can therefore be used to treat spastic disorders.
Mechanism of action

The BTL Superinductive System technology uses the unique energy of the high intensity magnetic field. The electromagnetic field, induced by a coil positioned inside the applicator, interacts with the human body and causes the depolarization of neuromuscular tissue. Depending on the frequency of stimulation and the intensity of the selected electromagnetic field, effects such as pain reduction, increased joint mobility, favoring the healing process of fractures, relaxation or strengthening of the muscles can be achieved.